Razor Wire

This tutorial goes over how to create razor wire to use in your scenes in Maya.

You will need to download the following melscripts in order to complete this tutorial. Get them off Highend3d.com. They are terrific melscripts that I highly reccomend.

Use Spiralizer.mel by Marble.

Use Create Tube V1.4 (createtube.mel) by Dirk Bialluch.


Create a a nurbs cylinder and rotate it 90 degrees on it's X axis.


Select the cylinder and run the spirializer.mel. Play around with the settings until you get the effect you want.


Select your spiral curve and run the createtube melscript. Play with your tube radius setting.


If you don't get enough span sections turn up Rebuild Curve Spans.


Now we will begin building the razor that will be copied along the spiral curve. Start with a cube and scale it down until it looks like mine.