Working on a modular "Blade Runner" themed level. Planning on using Unreal for this project.

Setting the theme with props and design cues from Syd Mead. I will be continuously adding to this over the next weeks.



Screenshot of BladeBuilding assets in Unreal. Still moving the blockout a bit and modeling buildings.....




Shot looking up at city skyline.


Shot of where player will be able to stand, in front of the TDK sign, looking down into "Bladerunner alley." Access via rooftop ladder.


Shot of view from rooftop.


Player Start will be on roof behind TDK sign looking opposite direction of this view.



Screen grab out off Maya's viewport with viewport ambient occlusion on and lit primarily with area lights. Digging the Syd-comicishness of the screen grabs.

I think I might do more of these as I prefer to model and light as to draw per se.


My building became a giant blockout after sifting through Blade Runner reference. I've picked this view as the "Beautiful corner" of this level.


Early look-dev of BladeBuildingA. Trying out some Syd-ish lighting styles.

I love the juxtaposition of something very old with something very new. It's a real world truth when you look at architecture and how it adapts to the current time.