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Name: Elvis Perry

Handle: Misterboogie


I'm a 3D Artist working out of Salt Lake City. Deep industrial design tendencies. I am attracted to futurism and technology. Dream of working for 343 or Bungie one day.




Products I've worked on. 11 shipped titles.

Nanite Fulcrum Issue 1. (PC Oculus) The Spiraloid Company

Disney Infinity 3.0 (Xbox1, PS4) - Disney Interactive

Disney Infinity 2.0 (Xbox360, PS3, Wii) - Disney Interactive

Disney Infinity 1.0 (Xbox360, PS3, Wii) - Disney Interactive

Epic Mickey (Wii) - Disney Interactive - 2010

Ultimate Band (Wii) - Fall Line, Disney Interactive - 2008

Narnia/Prince Caspian (DS) - Fall Line, Disney Interactive - 2008

Warhawk (PS3) - Incognito, Sony Computer Entertainment America - 2007

Goblin Commander (PS2, XBOX, Gamecube) - Jaleco Entertainment - 2005

Trailer Park Tycoon (PC) - Jaleco Entertainment - 2005

Dominion (PC) - Pharaoh Productions (never published)

Horizons (PC) - Artifact Entertainment - 2002



To create amazing game art, animations, and worlds. Finally land my "Dream" job...







Substance Designer/Painter


Source Safe


D3Radiant DooM


Unreal ED

Source Hammer

Adobe Content Creation Tools


Marvelous Designer

World Machine



Work Experience

(March 2007 - July 2016) Disney Interactive, Salt Lake City, UT.

Senior 3D Artist

At Disney I was responsible for the modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, and finishing of low poly world levels, terrain, and props using Maya.


(March 2005 - March 2007) Incognito SCEA, Salt Lake City, UT.

Senior 3D Graphics Modeler

At Incognito I was responsible for the modeling and texturing low poly world objects and terrain using Maya. I was also responsible for high poly modeling and normal map extraction.


(2002 - March 2004) Jaleco Entertainment Boulder, CO.

3D World Artist

At Jaleco I was responsible for the modeling and texturing low poly world objects and terrain using Maya. I was also responsible for the rigging and animation of some of these objects.


(2001 - 2002) Pharaoh Productions Boulder, CO.

Lead 3D Artist

At Pharaoh I was responsible for character modeling, texturing, rigging, rendering, world building, designing, and animation using Maya and Max for their MMORPG title called Dominion. I also established and documented character creation workflow.


(1999-2001) Artifact Entertainment Mesa, AZ.

3D Character Artist/Animator

At Artifact I was responsible for modeling, rigging, weighting, and animation of characters using Maya for their MMORPG title named Horizons. I helped train new artists in 3d graphic software. Created innovative animation rigs for game characters using Maya.



(1997-2000) University of Advancing Computer Technology Phoenix, AZ. Bachelors of Art in Multimedia Majored in Computer Animation. Digital Animation Production (D.A.P.)

(1995-1997) High Tech Institute Phoenix, AZ. Associates in Computer Aided Design. Learned the art of drafting, AutoCAD, and 3D studio.


References on request.